Portable Basketball Goals Review

Just a couple of months ago I began searching for a variety of  portable basketball goals that would be just right for my daughter and the rest of the family. She is 7 years old and new at basketball but both her step-father and I grew up playing and aren’t bad at all. I wasn’t sure where I would put it which is the reason I decided to look for a portable basketball goal. I was interested in finding a goal that we could play on for years and take with us if we moved.

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I do not buy anything without thorough research; drives my husband nuts. That being said you will find this first post full of useful information and videos to get you started on your search for a portable basketball system. Keep up with my later posts so that you can get even more detailed information.

Steps in Purchasing a Portable Basketball Goal:

  •  I’m assuming we are all the same page and have decided that a portable goal is our focus.


  • Set your budget. How much would you like to spend? Would you like to spend $200, 500, or $1000? Goals range from $50 for your molded plastic goals to $20,000 for the premium high end goals for gyms and churches. With that range you can definitely find one that fits your price range. If your budget is flexible, and it is not your most important criteria in choosing a goal, then set your top dollar you are willing to spend. Write that down then proceed to the next step.


  • What size backboard are you looking for? They can range from a kids 42 inch to the regulation size of 72 inches. It’s not uncommon to find 50 to 54 inch portable basketball goals in someone’s backyard or drive way. When making this selection consider who will be playing? Children will be more than happy with a backboard up to 50 inches. As an adult and one who played a lot growing up, I wouldn’t have gone below a 52 inch. I decided on a 54 inch backboard and found it to be perfect for all of us.


  • Do you plan to dunk? O.k. Most of us will not be dunking anytime soon. But for the few of you where this is a possibility you need to consider the rim. Is it hard or soft and by that I mean is it tightly screwed on or loose? Soft rims have give in them. My suggestion is to read the manufacturers information on the rims. Most will add a comment that hanging is not recommended etc. That is all I’ll say about that.


  • What type of adjustment system are you interested in? There are five main types of mechanism for portable basketball goals. Telescoping pole, broom stick adjust, trigger handle, pneumatic adjust, and crank handle. When deciding on a lever system, consider how often you will be raising and lowering your adjustable basketball goal. If not that often then a broom stick adjust can be an option for you along with the others. If you will be adjusting the goal often then that method may be more of a nuisance than a help. The pneumatic adjust is the more complex of the system as it runs on a pressure system and is easy to use. The crank seems to be the ideal way to go because it is simple. Sometimes simple is best. It may take a tad longer to raise and lower but come on. What’s 30 seconds? To read more on adjustment systems click here.


  • If you want to consider the pole when deciding on a basketball goal then by all means go for it. I did not even think of the size of the pole or base of the portable system. Don’t over think it.


  • Are you brand conscious? I was not although I did end up buying the spalding 54 acrylic portable basketball system. Spalding, Lifetime, and Goalrilla are a few of your most popular brands. I think it is more important to know who you are buying from and do they have a good reputation? Will they help you if there is a problem with the goal and what is there return policy if for some reason it is defected? These issues are quite rare but it will give you peace of mind “just in case”.

Portable Basketball GoalsThat is it. If you have followed these steps you have selected a specific portable basketball goal that suits you and your family.

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