Walmart Portable Basketball Goals

If you have just begun your search on the best portable basketball goals you may be wondering where to start your search. I have always found Walmart easy to buy from and return things if needed. So, below is my review on Walmart portable basketball goals.


Best Portable Basketball Goals


Walmart has a vast selection of portable goals and you are sure to find the right portable basketball hoop. In my random search term I found over 200 goals to choose from. You can select from acrylic, polycarbonate, or glass backboards. The sizes of the backboards range from 44″  to 72″. There are also different adjustment systems to choose from. Most of these Walmart goals range from $200 to $8700.

Best Sellers

The best sellers include the Lifetime 54″ Shatterproof Portable System for $360, the Spalding 54″ Angled Portable Backboard System with the NBA Super Tack Basketball bundle for $259 and the First Team Storm Pro Portable Basketball System for $5947. To help you even more I have added extra information about each of these Walmart portable basketball goals. This  hopefully will help you better understand what makes the prices different.

Lifetime 54″ Shatterproof Portable System

This system has an XL base which provides more stability and sets on rollers for easy portability. This base can be filled with water or with sand and can hold 35 gallons. The height can be set at 7.5′ to 10′ which will allow users of all age to enjoy the system. It can be adjusted with one hand using the special speed mechanism. The backboard is 54″ and is made from shatter-proof Makrolon polycarbonate. In my research, Makrolon is suppose to be the best polycarbonate. This feature is what makes it highly durable. The pole itself is made of a powder coated steel to resist rusting. The rim is an orange slam-it pro and solid steel with a wraparound bracing and double-compression springs. Although they advertise that it can be put together effortlessly and with no tools, reviews state otherwise. One person suggested having a socket set handy. It will take anywhere between 2-4 hours to put together depending on how good you are at things like this. Most you can do yourself but you will need help when attaching the backboard to the post. The biggest complaint about the Lifetime 54″ Shatterproof Portable System is that the directions are horrible. That in mind you can click here to watch a video of an assembly to give you and idea what you will be doing. There are people out there you can hire to assemble. Just FYI. This goal is priced at $360. The rating was 4.3 out of 5 stars.


Spalding 54″ Angled Portable Backboard System with NBA Super Tack Basketball BundleWalmart Portable Basketball Goals

This system can hold 34 gallons of water or sand in its base. This along with a 20 degree angled steel pole will provide sturdiness during hard play. This pole comes in three pieces and is 3.5″ round. The angled pole provides more room for play directly under the basket.The backboard is 54″ and made of a steel frame polycarbonate material. It has a blow-molded board pad. This will help it hold up to normal everyday wear and tear. This portable basketball hoop contains the Exacta-Height™ Lift System and adjusts from 7.5′ to 10′ and can be raised in 6″ increments. Everyone in the family can use this goal. The rim is a Pro-Slam Breakaway. Yes you can dunk but reviews say do not hold on. This also comes with a Spalding NBA Super Tack basketball. The official size is 29.5″. This basketball is made with a composite leather material which resists excessive use. It has a classic wide design providing a strong grip for players.  The goal does come with a one year warranty also. As with most goals the assembly seemed to be a pain. Most said plan on three to four hours and you will need help once together. In my opinion plan on two of you working on any portable goal.  It received 4 out of 5 stars. Most of the negative reviews had to deal with the pain of assembly. I don’t think you will find any one brand being superior over the other in this area. The price is $259.


First Team Storm Pro Portable Basketball System

Even though most of my readers are looking for a home portable basketball hoop you never know who is shopping for their school or church. This goal did show up under my search for best sellers. This basketball system is for larger areas such as gymnasiums, field houses, recreational facilities, and multi-purpose facilities. The goals sits on a Storm portable base unit and is highly durable and stable. Want to dunk and hang on the rim? Yes you can. It is made not to fall over, allowing unlimited dunk time. Players are protected by heavy foam padding on the front, side, and back of the base. This padding comes in a variety of colors. This system rolls with ease on 8″ non marking castors and will fold down into a compact storage position. Because of this, it requires less space than other comparable portable basketball goals. It has a backboard that measures 36H X 60W made with 1/2 inch thick tempered glass. You can adjust the height from 6′ to 10′ using the Storm’s “Spring Assist” design. This gets rid of the need for tools, cranks, electricity or hydraulics. Just pull the pin out and adjust to correct height. It has a lifetime limited warranty and is priced right under $5800.


I bought the Spalding 54″ Angled Portable Basketball System. I have no complaints about this one. At 5’2″ I still haven’t dunked the ball yet and neither has my nine year old. We have found it sturdy for play and I personally like the fact that the pole is angled. It gives me the freedom to play aggressively under the goal without thinking I”m going to run into anything. If you want to learn more specifics in how to select a portable basketball hoop click here.


Pickup or Shipping

Some of the goals are available for pickup while others will require shipping. As of the date that I write this any purchase over $50 receives free shipping. If you want standard, expedited, or rush shipping then you will pay a fee. Your best price is the free value shipping or standard. After that the cost gets on up there because of the weight. If you choose to pick up the goal at a certain Walmart location you can do that.


Unless something is inherently wrong with your portable goal I do not foresee you returning your goal. That being said, it is always good to know the return policy. You always want to keep your receipt and box at least 90 days after the purchase because most items can be returned in that time frame.  I did chat with a Walmart customer representative and she said I could return it to the store or by mail within the 90 days. If I go into the store they will refund the cost directly to the payment method I used. When done by mail, you contact Walmart directly and they will send out a return label so you do not acquire shipping charges. They will then give you the refund by the same payment method you used. If you purchased from a marketplace retailer then you will need to return your item to them directly. Any replacements, cancellations, or refunds would have to be managed directly with this retailer. Therefore, look closely when buying.You’ll be able to see in the description of the item if your goal is from Walmart or by another specific retailer. If it is a marketplace partner be sure to review their policies. Keep in mind if there is a part missing there is no need to send the whole thing back. Just call the manufacturer and let them know. Walmart can supply that contact information and you can email that retailer directly. They do have a place under returns to get the list of retailers and emails to avoid having to call Walmart at all. Of all the reviews I read I do not recall missing parts to be a big issue.

If you have any questions Walmart has a chat window. It is quick to chat with someone and they are quite helpful. Get all of your questions answered so you will feel comfortable in your purchase.

Price Match

If you have been shopping for a portable basketball sale, Walmart consistently has their goals marked down. They will price match Academy, Dicks Sporting, Sports Authority and other online stores. Just let them know that you have found a portable basketball sale at one of these places and they will match. As with everything there are limitations so visit the Walmart price match page to see all the guidelines.


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