I’m sure if you have began your search for a portable basketball system you have noticed all the different sizes in backboards. So what size is best? Backboards range from 44″ to 72″. Let’s first began with the NBA regulation size. They are 72 inches wide, 42 inches high, half an inch thick and of course are made of glass. If you are looking for a home basketball gym or for a church or school then this will be the size you will want to go with. Most of you, however, are looking forĀ  drive way or backyard portable basketball goals. There is no need to have a 72 inch backboard. Basketball Backboard

If you are a die hard basketball fan or recreational player, and it fits into your budget, I would consider a 60 inch. This will run you at least $1000 but will give you the closest feeling of playing on a regulation size goal.

Then you have the 54″ goals which is a good size for a basketball goal. I have a 54″ and it is just the right size for my driveway. I do not feel that it is too big or too small.

The 50 inch backboards seem better suited for small driveways or backyards. Adults may find the size a little too small so take into account if it will be kids playing on it or adults. If you do have young kids they will mature and need a goal they can grow into. Since you are considering a portable basketball goal you will be able to take it with you if relocation becomes a factor. Just something to think about.

The 44 inches and 48 inches are definitely suited for young children. These backboards are not so big as to overwhelm the child but rather just the right size. Since they are smaller its less expensive so getting a new one in a few years can be an option.

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