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Portable Basketball Goals Review - Author

Hi there! My name is Krista Guillot and I am a wife and a mother of a beautiful girl. I live in the United States in the great state of Texas, and yes, I do have an accent.

In my spare time I enjoy writing content and reviews on products that I have used. I just recently purchase a portable basketball goal for my daughter and decided I would share with you the information I found during my research. There are so many brands, sizes, and options that it can make your eyes start spinning. I know for a fact when you start looking for a portable basketball system you are ready to buy. Who wants to waste their time going from one site to the next in search for that perfect goal?

I’ve developed this site to narrow your search quickly so you do not have to waste anymore time searching one site to the next. Instead you can make an educated selection and go on with your life and family.

Once I decided to buy a goal for my family I grabbed my computer and began searching. First I decided on my budget then I compared brands. I learned about the different materials and what the backboards were made of.  I considered the different merchants and their reputations and made my selection from there. So which one did I buy? I bought the spalding 54 acrylic portable basketball system. My entire family is happy with the goal and we play on it often. We have not had any problems with our portable basketball system.

I’m not suggesting that you purchase this portable goal; it is perfect for my family but you may be looking for something different. I hope I can help you figure out which of the portable basketball hoops is best for you.

If  I can help you decide on a goal please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m sure my site will help you make an easy decision as to which of the portable basketball goals is best for you and your family.

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