When purchasing a basketball goal the first thing you will notice is the differences in material. Some goals are made of molded plastic, acrylic, polycarbonate and glass. Below is all the information you need to know about the different materials portable basketball goals are made of.

  • Molded Plastic: Molded plastic is found on the cheaper goals. These goals are suited for children as they can not take a lot of wear and tear. You may see the term “eco composite”. It is the same thing. It vibrates and when you shoot the soft plastic absorbs the shock so there is virtually no rebound.


  • Acrylic: Acrylic is clear and far more durable than molded plastic. It is a rigid material which will allow you to have an aggressive game and it will take it. It will also allow a descent rebound while not producing too much sound. For most players, there is no need to worry about tearing up the goal. If you do, however, play extremely rough on your goal then consider polycarbonate.


  • Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate is even more durable than the acrylic backboards.  It looks like acrylic, feels like acrylic and even acts like acrylic but can take a rougher game of basketball. It is just stronger than your acrylic. They say you can’t even break it with a baseball bat; not that I would test that out. The price is very similar to the acrylic backboard. If you plan to dunk and play hard against the backboard then grab you a polycarbonate goal. Better safe than sorry.


  • Glass: Then there is the wonderful glass backboard. This is the same material as the NBA basketball goals. Oh, the rebound. There is nothing like playing on a glass backboard. You find glass on your higher end goals. Of course it is more rigid and durable than any other material. You find these glass goals not only in the NBA but schools, churches, and recreational centers. Basketball Goal

Since rebound is important in a game of basketball I thought I would give you a visual of the performances of each material.

To Summarize: First decide what is important to you; durability and or rebound capability. Knowing these two things will help you narrow your search quickly and get you on your way to owning your own portable basketball goal. Visit my next blog on selecting the right size backboard.







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Almost all portable basketball goals has a height adjustment mechanism. Some are quick and easy to use while others take a little more time and effort. If you are not aware of the differences then I believe this post will clarify everything for you.

Adjustable Basketball GoalThe five mechanism are:

  • Telescoping pole: This mechanism you find on the cheaper goals that are usually for kids. It works  by having two poles. One pole is attached to the base and the other holds the backboard that can move in and out of the base pole.


  • Broom stick adjustment: This is used on some of the less expensive portable basketball hoops. A long stick is used to unlock a ratchet system behind the backboard. That same stick is used to lower or raise it to height of your choice. You may have heard of this mechanism referred to as “exact height”.  At first glance this may seem to be annoying to use but if you do not intend to raise and lower your adjustable basketball goal often then it’s not that big of a deal. I wouldn’t let it deter you of getting the goal you wanted.


  • Trigger handle: With this system there is a trigger on the back of the pole. You just pull on the trigger to unlock it then you move the rim by moving the handle up and down. Once you select your desired height all you have to do is release the trigger and the backboard will stabilize.


  • Pneumatic adjustment: This one is similar to the trigger handle except it uses a gas pressure to raise and lower the basketball goal.


  • Crank handle: The crank handle is one of the easiest to use and found on the more expensive goals. It does take a little more time to raise and lower the goal but the simplicity makes up for it. Crank handles are offered with an internal or external location mechanism. What this means is that the internal design encloses most of the components inside the main pole of the basketball system while the external design has the majority of the crank components outside of the pole. If you choose the internal design expect to pay $100 more than the external.

Some adjustable goals adjust in increments such as 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0 while others adjusts infinitely. For example: 7.5, 7.8, 8.2, 8.3. I personally do not know why that type of adjustment is necessary since most players want their goal adjusted to the height played in leagues and schools.

I hope this information clarifies for you the differences in adjustment systems on an adjustable basketball goal. If you have not read my blog about the differences between acrylic and polycarbonate click here.

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Portable Basketball GoalsAs you have read in my earlier posts, portable basketball goals vary in a few details which will be a factor in the cost. In this post I simplify the pricing differences so you will have a better understanding what you are getting for your budget. I will not go into detail about the material etc as I’ve already mentioned that in my previous post. If you didn’t read my blog about the differences in materials click here to read.

Material of the Backboard

The first difference in the pricing of portable basketball goals comes from the material the backboard is made of.  That material defines how rigid and durable the goal will be.

  • Molded plastic: Cheaper material so the pricing will be extremely low. $60- $100


  • Acrylic goals: Far more durable than molded plastic. The pricing of these goals can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.


  • Polycarbonate basketball backboards: Even more durable than the acrylic backboards in the lower price ranges. The average price is very similar to the acrylic. $200 – $2000


  • Glass backboard: Usually found on a premium basketball goal. You can find them starting at over $1000 then heading up to over $13,000 for the ones for gyms and schools.

Size of the Backboard

Yes, size does matter here. You want to go with the largest backboard your budget allows. Just to compare, the NBA regulation size backboards are 72 inches wide, 42 inches high, half an inch thick and are made of glass.

  • 72 inches:        Very high premium price for this portable basketball system. I found one for over $20,000.
  • 60 inches:        For around a $1000 you can find a 60 inch backboard that you will be more than happy with.
  • 54 inches:        The average range is from $400 and up, although you can find some lower.
  • 44-48 inches:   For your kids a 44 or 48 inch should work which will keep the price down below $100.

Size, Shape and Pieces of the Pole

Size, shape, and the number of pieces of the pole all factor into the price. With most of the portable basketball goals you will find round poles and comparably the same size. As you get into high end portable basketball hoops all three factors begin to change. Since most of us are not looking for the premium gym goal I won’t go into any more detail.

Adjustment Systems

How the goal adjusts definitely plays into the price. For example: you may find an adjustable basketball goal that adusts like 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and others that adjusts in even smaller increments such as 7.7 or 8.3.  These include the telescoping pole, broom stick adjust, trigger handle, pneumatic adjust, and crank handle. The price goes up in the order I listed them. To learn more about these systems click here to read my earlier blog on adjustment mechanisms.


To summarize, the material the portable goals are made from and the size of the backboard are the biggest determining factors as to the cost you will pay. Decide what is most important to you, and if it fits into your budget, focus on those basketball goals for selection.

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To complete this review on portable basketball goals I thought I would give you my final thought on finding a new basketball goal.

If you have not yet decided on a goal let me summarize the information that is most relevant to your search.

  • Set a budget: Portable goals can range from as low as $80 to over $600. If you are not sure yet then at least set your top amount. You can then decide what features you would want for your goal and see what price range that falls.


  • What features are you looking for? Do you want a 50″ backboard, does it need to be an adjustable basketball goal? How durable do you need it to be? What is important to you and your family in a goal? Decide on that.


  • What type of goal can you get for your budget and with those features? In most cases you will be able to find a portable basketball system that falls within your criteria. If not you need to readjust either your budget or your features.


  • Decide on a brand or in some cases decide not to focus on brand. Some people feel more comfortable purchasing from a well-known brand. I can relate. That is why I bought my spalding 54 acrylic basketball system.  Are there just as good off brands? Sure. You just have to do what you are most comfortable with.


  • Select a basketball system.

Portable Basketball Goals

That’s it. If you need more information on how to shop for a portable goal click here.  Follow these easy steps if you have not already done so and begin playing with your family and building memories.

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Welcome back to the Portable Basketball Goals review. I hope all the information on my site has helped you already select your basketball goal or prepare you for your upcoming purchase. As I am fully aware, putting together a portable goal can be tedious. That is why I’ve added this post. I want to give you some tips for making the assembly of your portable basketball hoop go easily.

  • Search for a Video: Regardless if you bought a Spalding 54 acrylic portable basketball system or another brand you can probably find a video on you tube showing step by step how to assemble. I’ve added one below that I found. Even if it’s not exact I found that by watching it you will get a better idea of what to do.


  • Search for the Manual: Many times you can find the exact manual of the brand of portable basketball goal you purchased. If you can not find the exact then there is a generic one. I’ve added a link to a portable system owners manual.


  • Hire Someone to do it: This is a good option for those that are not use to assembling products, aren’t strong enough to handle the pieces, or just do not have the time.  It will take about 4 hours to put together. The average cost of hiring someone is $150.

I hope this information helps. Thank you for visiting my review site and I wish you lots of fun playing on your new portable basketball system.

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