To complete this review on portable basketball goals I thought I would give you my final thought on finding a new basketball goal.

If you have not yet decided on a goal let me summarize the information that is most relevant to your search.

  • Set a budget: Portable goals can range from as low as $80 to over $600. If you are not sure yet then at least set your top amount. You can then decide what features you would want for your goal and see what price range that falls.


  • What features are you looking for? Do you want a 50″ backboard, does it need to be an adjustable basketball goal? How durable do you need it to be? What is important to you and your family in a goal? Decide on that.


  • What type of goal can you get for your budget and with those features? In most cases you will be able to find a portable basketball system that falls within your criteria. If not you need to readjust either your budget or your features.


  • Decide on a brand or in some cases decide not to focus on brand. Some people feel more comfortable purchasing from a well-known brand. I can relate. That is why I bought my spalding 54 acrylic basketball system.  Are there just as good off brands? Sure. You just have to do what you are most comfortable with.


  • Select a basketball system.

Portable Basketball Goals

That’s it. If you need more information on how to shop for a portable goal click here.  Follow these easy steps if you have not already done so and begin playing with your family and building memories.

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